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**(The law requires us to post the rate of the vehicle per hour. It does not include surcharges, taxes, gratuity and additional service rates. Please see below for more information) *Certain vehicles may not currently be in our fleet and one of our reputatble affiliates vehicles may be sent to complete your reservation.


    *All rates based on the time duration indicated. Additional usage will be rated at half hour increments based on rates listed in our rate page. Additional amenities may be provided at cost plus, a $ 20.00 stocking fee.

    Explanation of the Fuel Surcharge Regulated by The Nevada Transportation Authority;

    The following Fuel Surcharge Rules will apply to carriers who are authorized to provide charter service by limousine and who are authorized to charge and collect a fuel surcharge:

    1. The price of regular and diesel fuel is an amount equal to the retail price per gallon of regular and diesel fuel effective for the 25th calendar day of the immediately preceding month determined according to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), Energy Information Administration (EIA) survey on Weekly Retail Gasoline and Diesel Prices, Regular Grade - West Coast (PADD 5) and Weekly Retail Gasoline and Diesel Prices, Diesel, All Types – West Coast (PADD 5). The prices may be obtained by calling the DOE, EIA at (202) 586-8800 or via the DOE, EIA website at www.eia.doe.gov, via the “Petroleum” link.

    2. If the 25th day of the calendar month is a Federal holiday, the fuel price will be determined based on the stated DOE price available on the next subsequent business day.

    3. The DOE fuel price obtained will then be indexed based on the matrix set forth below to determine the fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge will apply for all charter limousine transportation beginning on the 1st day of the following month and will remain in effect through the last day of that calendar month.

    4. The fuel surcharge will be added on an hourly basis utilizing the matrix set forth below. The resulting charge is in addition to all other applicable transportation charges.

    When the DOE Fuel Price Per Gallon reported on the 25th of the month is: The Fuel Surcharge that becomes effective on the 1st day of the following month is:

    $2.25 - $2.74 Surcharge will be $2.00

    $2.75 - $3.24 Surcharge will be $3.00

    $3.25 - $3.74 Surcharge will be $4.00

    $3.75 - $4.24 Surcharge will be $5.00

    $4.25 - $4.74 Surcharge will be $6.00

    $4.75 - $5.24 Surcharge will be $7.00

    $5.25 - $5.74 Surcharge will be $8.00

    $5.75 - $6.24 Surcharge will be $9.00

    $6.25 - $6.74 Surcharge will be $10.00

    NOTE 1: The fuel surcharge that is applicable for a given month must be passed along to all customers. NOTE 2: The fuel surcharge must be shown separately from the charter revenue on carrier transportation documents for the purpose of identifying the amount as special fuel-related revenue

    NOTE 3: In the event there is additional usage in half hour increments, the fuel surcharge is "rounded up" to the next hour.

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